About the ke


the KE architectural element will be the central hub for all utility infrastructures, which is housed in compartments and distributed within zoned layers according to specified locations.

The KE architectural element is dimensionally adaptable to form and define interior space both in new and renovated conditions. As a result, optimum space utilization is accomplished through an efficient design.


The KE architectural element provides an effective distribution of utility infrastructure by supporting the installation and routing of (a) heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, (b) tank or tankless hot water units, (c) plumbing fixtures (d) electrical power load centers and wiring, (e) security system, (f) technology, (g) sound and communications systems, and (h) others. Integral cavity space is compartmentalized to organize the delivery of the above systems from source to individual device locations. All or a part of these devices can be located within the KE architectural element.
A sustainable use of resources practice is reinforced through a decrease in the amount of material, time, and energy expended in the compact nature of this concept. The material length of piping, ducting, and wiring is reduced throughout the interior space design. This reduction in the amount of material used and time spent roughing-in these utilities accelerates the construction schedule, resulting in cost savings to the overall project. The installation of HVAC equipment and associated ductwork in a conditioned space reduces the amount of energy required to re-condition the air resting within and results in lower operating expense. Designers and builders alike use the KE architectural element to mold and model a sustainable approach to 21st century interior space design.
About The Assembly Process


is an assembly of noncombustible lightweight metal stud framing and formed sheet metalwork, which are dimensionally adaptable to fit most conditions.

The architectural element is crated and shipped as a kit to any location

What’s included in the box?

Metal Frames

HVAC Metal Duct

Metal Sheet Pan/Tray

Metal Studs

Clip Angles

Metal Sheet Liners




  • HVAC CompartmentThis space could house your a/c unit
  • Hot Water Heater CompartmentThis compartment is designed to fit a full size water heater tank
  • Horizontal ChasesUseful for Mechanical and Electrical supply
  • Cabinet door access openingsBuilt-in, Easy access to all of the KE utilities and storage compartments
  • Utility chaseSpace for all technology data drop needs, including electrical breaker boxes
  • Vertical ChasesSpace for getting power, plumbing, and networking either to or from the ceiling
  • Air Grille locationsThe optional KE air duct will come with air grille outlets that are pre-cut to desired specs
  • Fixtures to consider usingIt is recommended that all plumbing, electrical, utilities, and fixtures are installed by trade professionals